manual call point protective cover
manual call point protective cover
not available in the UK at present

The smart protector is an advanced protective cover suitable for european countries. the original intention is to reduce the misuse and abuse of 

alarm devices to cut down the unnecessary labor costs and other consumptions coming from end users. could be used in places like malls,

Metro stations and Apartments where people flow large, Prone to fire, securityproducts false alarm and abuse.

The Smart Protector product is High transparent polynate material protection cover with innovation design. It's durable, Easy to install.

The Smart Protector product could be used with most of the manual call point,Exit button and Emergency button products on the market

suitable for any brand devices 
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1.     To protect the different kind of European standard manual call points, universal indoor use
2.     To protect any emergency button indoor use
3.     To protect different kind of keypad etc for outdoor used
4.     It is very strong polycarbonate transparent cover with elegant design
5.     The great night view version in the face and edge of two side to sure you can easy catch our products from different place at night
6.     Two tones available and high & low volume for your choice, easy catch different circumstance used
7.     The lock-hole ear to be much security by lock seal
8.     Very easy & fast installation to save costly engineer cost and time
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