9-16VDC Piezo or Speaker type Burglar alarm External Sounder
9-16VDC Piezo or Speaker type Burglar alarm External Sounder
CAP180 outdoor siren

Unit different versions:
A type: One speaker drive, TAMPER signal output to wire terminals
B type: One piezo drive, TAMPER signal output to wire terminals
The above A and B types use different siren, could be identified from the outer sticker. 
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 It’s specially designed sound and light alarm equipment for Home Security System, with following functions:
1.High-performance professional micro-processor chip, working fast and with stable performance
2.Two kinds LED flash mode optional when standby
3.Two alarm sounds optional
4.Trigger polarity for light alarm optional
5.Trigger polarity for sound alarm optional
6.First 10 seconds Soft Sound selectable for sound alarm
7.Two tamper switches for triple tamper protection
8.Back-up battery optional
9.Tamper protection signal output
10.Battery low voltage status output
11.Back-up battery charged automatically
12.Four high-light LEDs provide bright light alarm output
13.118DB loud sound alarm output
Model  A (1 speaker) B (1 piezo)
Power Voltage 9V-16V(Normally 14V) 9V-16V(Normally 14V)
Standby Current: <50mA(one light flash) <85mA(two lights flash)
Light Alarm Current: <150mA <150mA
LED Flash Rate: 70-90 times/Minute 70-90 times/Minute
Sound Alarm Current: <1.2A <350mA
Sound and Light Alarm Current: <1.4A <500mA
Sound Level:(Peak A is weighted 90 degrees) 118dB at 1m / speaker 105dB at 1m / Piezo
Battery Lead-acid batteries
Battery Voltage: 12V
Battery Capacity: 0.8AH - 3.3AH
Environmental Protection: IP56
Operating Temperature: -25℃-55℃
Materials:                                                                       ABS Cover, PC Lens and PC Cover for Inner Electronics
Dimension(L*W*H): 320*220*90mm
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