Push type access control swith
Push type access control swith
The SMB-002 elbow switch  is a push-type access control switch, 
Suitable for access control systems that requires plam or elbow operation.
As an access cotrol switch, it has below features:
1. Push Trigger type contact switch 
2. Solid shape, easy to install 
3. Variety installation ways option 
4. COM, NO and N.C terminal output 
5. Multiple color available 
6.Internal installation of single switch or dual switch, flexible to choose 
7. wired or wireless connection options 
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Order Modle 
Model number Wired/Wireless Singal/Double Switch  Color 
SMB-S002W Wired  Single Switch  White 
SMB-S002B Wired  Single Switch  Dark 
SMB-S002G Wired  Single Switch  Matt-Gold 
SMB-S002S 'wired  Single Switch  Matt-Sliver 
SMB-WS002W Wireless  Single Switch  White 
SMB-WS002B  Wireless  Single Switch  Dark 
SMB-WS002G Wireless  Single Switch  Matt-Gold 
SMB-WS002S  Wireless  Single Switch  Matt-Silver 
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